A Kind-Hearted Food Revolution

Fast-food is often fast, but it’s rarely food! When you’re hungry and in a hurry, it’s hard to find something truly nourishing…and so, we invite you to skip the ‘food coma’ and be more kind-hearted to your body and soul.

Freya Foodbar is a healthy oasis in today’s fast-food world.

We offer you a greener alternative, with abundant tastes and quick service for hungry citizens who, because of their hectic everyday lives, find themselves far from the greenhouse!

During our search for exciting flavours, we observed the same problem everywhere we went; wonderful tastes to savour and fantastic eating spots, but no place in a fast-paced world to grab a healthy, guilt-free bite. Fast food, it seems, is all about the greasy burger, the unhealthy hot dog, and the pitiful pizza – rarely does it cater to the modern flexitarian palate.

Now, Freya Foodbar is shaking the sleeping beast of fast food, and our sacred goal is to reimagine what ‘fast food’ really means.

Eating quickly doesn’t need to mean eating junk. Speed has another meaning for us – starting with the food coming ‘fast and fresh,’ from the farmer’s field to our kitchen quickly, from there to the bowl quickly, which then arrives quickly to the counter for you to take away and enjoy at your own pace.

We often look for instant pleasure in fast food, ignoring the long-term health effects. But grease has no monopoly on taste. Our vision of health doesn’t assume restrictions, it comes from the juiciness, spiciness and diversity of fresh, healthy, organic ingredients…because even with a busy, dynamic lifestyle your meal-on-the-go can still be a nourishing one!